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Kaci has been a groomer for nine years. She enjoys continuing her education in grooming and aspires to become a licensed canine esthetician. Creative grooming is her passion and she loves to give dogs a pop of color! Being a mom is her favorite thing in life. In her free time, she loves spending time with her son and husband, crafting, and hanging out with her pitbull Bonnie.

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Bianey attended Texas All Breed Grooming school 7 years ago and is an AKC SAFE groomer. She enjoys continuing education and absolutely LOVES poodles including her own poodle, Scarlet. She is working toward specializing in poodles with the hope of competing in the near future. Bianey enjoys bikejouring which is a relatively new sport in the US and is best described as dog-powered mountain biking! She also enjoys hiking with her dogs and hanging out with her husband and their baby.

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We are not the traditional churn and burn corporate grooming set-up. Our grooming is one-on-one which means appointment only, the groomer stays with one pet from start to finish, and we never leave the pet unattended.  We take the time to listen to our clients so we understand their expectations.  If there is ever a problem with a Grill, we encourage clients to let us know, and we will correct it without any additional charge. We also care very much about the pets experience.

At truBOND, we do not use cage dryers and do not put pets behind bars. Every pet is bathed by the groomer and blow-dried. Our enclosures are not cold stainless steel cages with bars, but rather a warm and welcoming lighted glass enclosure.  While pets are in the enclosures, they get a nice view to the outside through large window directly across from them. There’s also a window in to grooming so clients can see exactly how we do things. 

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