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the BOND

Sloppy wet kisses, nose rubs, and that loving scratch that hits the spot are how we communicate. No matter what comes our way, we know, our dog will be there with cuddles or a playful game of fetch, and our cat stands ready with a loving leg rub, saying you are her person. At truBOND, we get it. While their lives are too short, they fill ours with endless love, roaring laughter, and special moments that last an eternity. The BOND you share with your pet is worth the gold standard in care. 

Our Approach

truBOND Veterinary Center is a full-service veterinary practice offering the most advanced and effective veterinary care combined with a full array of spa-style grooming services. We have an exceptional team, and we take good care of them. Everything they do is focused on your pet’s lifelong health and happiness. Our hospital was thoughtfully designed to be welcoming and stress-free, so that you and your pet have a spectacular experience every time.

Our Services


We believe that proper grooming is an important piece of pet well-being. We’ve developed a grooming salon that focuses on low stress and gentle handling of patients. We want this to be a spa experience for pets.

Wellness Care

Our focus is on preventive care and keeping pets healthy. If we can’t prevent a problem, we want to catch it early on to improve outcomes and quality of life. This is why screening lab work such as blood tests and urinalysis are so important.


Dentistry is an extremely important and often missed part of pet health. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends true dental prophylaxis by 1 year of age for cats and small-to medium-breed dogs and by 2 years of age in larger-breed dogs.

Chronic Care

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, osteoarthritis, and kidney failure can be challenging for pet parents to manage. We are here to help. We offer advanced diagnostic testing and have a network of referral partners to help keep pets on the right track.


We have state of the art technology to treat your pet.

Weight Management

One of the most common problems affecting pets today is overweight and obesity. We can help you get to the bottom of why your pet is gaining weight and create a plan to shed those extra pounds.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a growing area of veterinary medicine, and many clients and patients have experienced the benefits of the newer form of treatment. Lasers designed for therapy have been shown to modulate various biologic processes that enhance muscle regeneration, wound healing, joint healing, and acute and chronic pain control.


We do routine spays and neuters. We are capable of doing a wide range of soft tissue procedures such as mass removals, foreign body removal, eye surgery, stenotic nares correction, and many more.

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