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Who do you share that special BOND with?


The “Why” Behind What We Do:

The BOND between people and their pets is undeniable. Though we do not speak the same language, we communicate through sloppy wet kisses, nose rubs, and that loving scratch that hits the spot. No matter what the world throws at us, we can rest assured that our dog will be there with cuddles or a playful game of fetch, and our cat will always be ready with a leg rub, signifying you are her person.

At truBOND, we get it; we feel the same about our furry family. While their lives are not near long enough, they fill ours with endless love, roaring laughter, and those special moments that last an eternity. Our pets devote their entire lives to making us happy, and we believe we should do everything in our power to give them the healthiest lives possible. The BOND you have with your pet is worth the gold standard in care.

They Are Worth Their Weight In Gold:

We always deliver the best care, and we NEVER cut corners. Having a healthy pet starts with prevention. This means more than just vaccines and parasite prevention. Like us, our pets need routine dental care. You will find this is a top priority at truBOND. Our many years of experience in veterinary medicine have solidified our strong belief that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy pet.

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